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Product Information:

Rental price does not include foam.  Foam packets are $35 each.  Each foam packet will provide approximately 30-60 minutes of foam fun if ran non-stop

We recommend purchasing at least 2 or more.  Any that are not opened can be returned for a refund.

You will be given full directions on pickup of machine on how to assemble and make foam.

Additional charge for delivery and setup based on location.

What is the foam at a foam party?

A foam party is exactly what it sounds like – an event where you get to play, dance, and party in several feet of bubbly suds. Created by a foam machine, this foam isn't the sticky, wet consistency of soap bubbles; instead, it offers all the fluffy foam with none of the mess.

Are foam parties safe for kids?

It is biodegradable, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic. It will not harm skin, clothes, pets or lawns. Foam Parties are a great activity for kids of all ages and abilities. 

What should I bring to a foam party?

Most foam parties take place in the summer months but can be held spring through fall! Wearing shorts, t-shirts and beachwear is advisable, you may want to complete the beach look with goggles, a snorkel or a swimming cap, beach ball etc.

Is the foam safe on grass?

Absolutely, our foam solution is made from a few same ingredients found in mild soaps.  The solution will be even further diluted with water.

How long are the rentals?

M-Th Rentals - Machine to be returned by 11:00 a.m. T – Th  the day after the original rental date.

Friday Rental to be returned Saturday between 9 - 10 am

Saturday Rentals – Pickup Saturday between 10 am – noon

- to be returned Monday by 11 am.

How long does 1 packet of foam last?

Each foam packet will provide approximately 30-60 minutes of foam fun if ran non-stop.  Machine should be ran until adequate amount of foam is needed (average 5-10 min.), then turned off until more is needed.

-Foam duration has many factors including rain, wind, water quality, water

 pressure, number of participants.

Can I purchase extra foam packets?

Yes! More foam, more fun!!  Foam packets are $35 each.

-We will issue a refund upon returning any packets that were not opened in the condition it was given (unopened and kept packaging from

getting wet)

What do I need before the party starts?

A dedicated outlet for the foam machine, a heavy duty outdoor 12 gage extension cord, (or you can rent one from us for additional $5), and access to water with garden hose (to fill up the barrel with water/foam solution)

Must be able to pick up 14 lbs. We recommend picking up the machine and accessories in with a small SUV or bigger.

Foam parties are great for Birthday Parties, Churches, Picnics, Day Cares, Camps, Block Parties and much More!

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